Rimon (Pomegranate) Older Pre-School Class –
Age range from around 42 months to 59 months.

The Rimon classroom is situated next to our Tamar classroom on our ground floor. Our loft space and cosy area are one of the main features of this space, which both evolve into different areas all the time based on the children’s interests. We have pet fish which the special helpers are in charge of feeding and a Woodwork bench, where the children use real hammers, nails and tools (with the help of their teachers!).

Rimon and Tamar share a playground with a large sandpit, mud kitchen, water area, gardening area and car with caravan for role-play. We often go for walks in the woods or picnics/ races/ games on the field, ride bikes and scooters in the assigned area and have forest school at least once a week.