Admissions & Eligibility Policy

Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 7.45 am-6.15 pm and Friday 7.45 am-4.15 p.m. (excluding Jewish holidays and bank holidays)

Policy Statement

It is our intention to make our setting accessible and inclusive to children and families from the local community and we aim to ensure that our admissions policy is clear, fair and clearly communicated.


We accept babies and pre-school children from 6 months old to five years. Children must attend for a minimum of two full days, except for Friday attendance where it may be possible, if space permits for a child to attend only on a Friday.

Applications will be considered in order of application and waiting lists will be considered in order of the following priority.

  1. Children of Finchley Reform and Alyth Synagogue’s members (priority will be given where the entire eligible family unit has chosen to join)
  2. Children of FRS Friends and Alyth Associate members (as defined by the articles of Association/ constitution).
  3. Children of Shofar staff who have been employed with Shofar for more than two years.
  4. Children of MRJ Affiliated Synagogues
  5. Children of Shofar staff who have been employed with Shofar for more than one year.
  6. Children whose siblings currently attend Shofar
  7. Children of members of Liberal Judaism Synagogues.
  8. Children whose parents work for partner organisations including MRJ, Leo Baeck College, FRS, Alyth and Akiva School.
  9. Babies and children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.
  10. Children whose parents work on the site of the Sternberg Centre.
  11. Babies and children of all faiths and none.

A signed and fully completed application form is required prior to confirmation of a place. A non-refundable registration fee of £100 must be accompanied with the application form.

Registration does not guarantee a place for the start date / sessions required.

An offer of a place will be made in writing with a request for payment of a retainer of one month’s fees. This payment must be received by the Nursery within two weeks of this request otherwise the offer of the place may be withdrawn.

The retainer is refundable when your child leaves the Nursery, provided he or she has attended for a minimum of six months and at least two full calendar months’ advance written notice of withdrawal is given.

Any place awarded to any child may be reviewed in the event that the criteria they were awarded a place under ceases to apply.

This policy was adopted at a meeting of Shofar Daycare Nursery held on 22nd January 2015
Policy reviewed September 2023
Next review date September 2024

Signed on behalf of the Shofar Daycare Nursery Management Committee.

Sharon Lee

**Please note that Shofar Daycare Nursery is not set up to provide half day sessional day care (mornings or afternoons only) and our sister organisations Alyth and FRS Kindergartens are ideal if this is the care you require.

It is possible to combine full days with half day sessions if available, providing you are booking a minimum of 2 full days.

Alyth Kindergarten- Head Teacher, Tor Alter T: 020 8457 8792

FRS Kindergarten Head Teacher, Emma Wohl  T: 020 8445 6807