Tashi Ungar – Deputy Head and SENCO

My name is Tashi, and I am the Deputy Head and SENCO of Shofar. I have been working in Early Years Education for 14 years now and am extremely passionate about doing so. I have Early Years Teacher Status and a first–class degree in Early Childhood studies. I have keen interest in child development, psychology, cross-cultural attachment, special educational needs and equality issues. I also have a background in Psychology, Drama, Art and Music which have undoubtedly influenced my teaching style.

I am very nurturing and friendly whilst giving the children firm boundaries, which they tend to appreciate. I am a strong advocate for children learning through play and other hands-on experiences including: exploring nature, sensory play, role-play and real life encounters. I also believe that children learn much more effectively when the subject is made fun for them and their teachers model an enthusiasm for learning and new topics. I believe in close partnership with parents and have worked with children and their families on various special educational needs, behavioural, social and emotional issues; and have had great success through meetings with parents, bringing in new strategies and ensuring that the child is receiving consistent messages and boundaries at both nursery and at home. Observing children as they constantly grow and develop in all areas of their learning and development is by far the most rewarding aspect of my job.