Olivia Stutman – Acting Rimon Room Leader

My name is Liv, and I am the class leader of the eldest preschool group at Shofar. I have always had a passion for teaching children, particularly the preschool age, as this allows me to share the breadth of knowledge I have in a way that will prepare them for reception with the necessary skill set and tools.

I take great pride in finding creative ways to enable children to learn our core values, such as independence, kindness and confidence; I feel this is key for their holistic development and builds a solid foundation for life learning beyond Shofar.

I adore working with children because it expands my thinking. Teaching is a two-way process; just as I teach my knowledge, the children teach me how to see the world more excitingly.

What I love most about my job is that each day will offer new experiences and adventures, and I get to share and celebrate each milestone the children reach while learning with them! After working with children for many years, I am still amazed at the children’s exploratory and experimental learning methods. When they discover something new, the look of pride on their faces is truly magical, and it is a joy to see the world through their eyes.