Irene Garcia (On Maternity Leave) Third in charge and Rimon Room Leader (Older Preschool)

I am Irene, I am the third in charge at Shofar and the class leader of the eldest group in the preschool. I have a degree in English and Primary teaching and I am a qualified Primary school teacher (QTS) with many years of experience in Primary schools and Early Years settings and as a nanny. I am also qualified to teach Spanish to English speaking children and vice versa.

I am a very energetic teacher and I encourage outdoor play by preparing activities related to the world outside the nursery. I try to balance a fun and engaging approach with an appropriate level of discipline, giving the children a sense of responsibility in order to promote their independence. I encourage the children to respect each other and to value the opinions of others.

I am enjoying leading the Rimon class as it gives me the opportunity to prepare the children for their next step, which will be Reception Class. I am also passionate about teaching the children to accept and appreciate diversity in terms of different ethnicities and languages that they might encounter.
I feel great pride in instilling these principles in children from a young age.